• An astral entity that appears to be made up of pure energy.
  • They are very violent and are quick to enter combat.
  • They seem to be studying portals and rips in space, and are also astral challengers.
  • They study who they wish to challenge extensively, more than likely to learn of their weaknesses. This became aparrent after encountering them studying the large portal regions generated by Shadow Beings.
  • They can manipulate their own energy and have been seen using their energy to generate saw blades, armor, and what appear to be mechanical wings.
  • They are dangerous due to their skill and speed, so the best defense against them is to cloak your energy and catch them by surprise before they can sense you.
  • User:TomToms_SuperSayan's theory on the existence of Armor Warriors is that they could be energy constructs created by some unknown energy manipulator who is creating these Armor Warriors to become the strongest beings in the universe for purposes unknown. This was later confirmed by a Brothers Guardian to be true.

Recorded EncountersEdit