Astral knight

What is an Astral Knight?Edit

  • Someone who uses Astral Projection to combat threats to the physical plane of reality.

What is the Code of an Astral Knight?Edit

  • Respect all beings of the astral plane and value life in all forms.
  • Protect the physical plane from Astral Threats.
  • Help those who are in need of help.
  • Do not betray a fellow Knight.
  • Do not betray the Code of an Astral Knight.

Why do Astral Knights exist?Edit

  • The Astral Knights exist to protect the physical plane from threats that only those in tune with the Astral Plane are truly aware of.
  • The Astral Plane is a wonderful place, one full of excitement and wonder, but within it are threats that could potentially harm the physical plane.
  • Portals to the Astral Plane on the physical plane allow astral threats to enter the physical plane and cause havoc, Astral Knights can sense these threats, combat them, and close the portal to prevent further threats from entering the physical plane.

How do you Become an Astral Knight?Edit

  • Follow the Code of an Astral Knight.
  • Travel to the Astral Knight HQ, located in the Astral Plane.
  • Enter the Meeting Room and add your energy signature to the energy construct monitors which will record your energy signature and store it as record of your membership.

Astral Knight HQEdit