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What is Astral Projection?Edit

  • Astral Projection is the ability to travel the astral realm, a seperate plane of existence intertwined with our own.

What is the Experience Like?Edit

  • It is an OBE, or out of body experience in which you feel as if you have left your body and are able to travel around the physical and astral plane outside of your physical body.
  • On the physical plane you are like a ghost, most people can't see you and you can't interact with people or objects.
  • On the astral plane you can interact with astral entities and items in the astral realm.
  • If you have psychic abilities or practice magick your talents have an extreme increase on the Astral Plane.
  • Simply using strong intent and visualization you can manifest within the astral realm whatever you desire.

Technique #1: Spell CastingEdit

  • A common technique for astral projection, spell casting allows one to astral project by focusing intently on a spell designed specifically for the purposes of astral projection.
  • Creating a spell is simple, you simply must define your intent and either will it into existence or request the assistance of a higher power.
  • Will Power and Divine Power are the two sources of a spell's power.
  • Will Power comes from the Spell Caster, it is the focused intent and visualization of one's intention that empowers the spell to manifest.
  • Divine Power comes from a Higher Being or God, it can be called upon through a request placed within the spell itself to the God or God(s) in question.
  • For Astral Projection your intent is to traverse the astral realm, so to empower your intent with your will you can meditate on your desire and visualize it manifesting into the form of your astral body entering the astral realm.
  • If you desire or feel you require Divine Power to help in Astral Projection you may call upon a Higher Being to empower your intent with the Divine Power needed to manifest your astral body.
  • If you have trouble astral projecting it is best to practice meditation and visualization daily.


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