Psi ball

What is an Energy Construct?Edit

  • A strong intention that is visualized and manifested into reality.
  • Energy Constructs are visible on the Astral Plane and can be used to manifest entities, items, and even entire locations in the Astral Realm.
  • On the physical plane Energy Constructs can create desired effects in unexpected ways once formed.

How do you Create an Energy Construct?Edit

  • Focus on your desire.
  • Visualize it taking form.
  • Feel it take form, it will feel like a flow of "energy", outside of your body shaping itself into your desire.
  • When you not only visualize it, but truly feel its presence as it takes form, then you know you have manifested an Energy Construct.

If you are having trouble creating an Energy Construct?Edit

  • Practice Meditation and Visualization daily.
  • Try meditating and entering an altered state of consciousness while manifesting an Energy Construct.

Scientific Evidence that Intention Effects RealityEdit