Warrior Angel


  • What is P.A.D.T?: Individuals who invocate an angel of shemhamphorash to combat the demon that is associated with them as their adversary.
  • P.A.D.T is not a group dedicated to hunting demons but a group dedicated to combating demons that are summoned to harm or murder innocent people.
  • In the book the 'The Complete Magicians Tables' seventy-two angels and their invocation for summoning are listed.
  • Angels of Shemhamphorash are summoned via their invocatory verse normally in the form of a call to the Lord in the Bible. 
  • Thomas Rudd was an english military engineer and claimed occultist who used the seventy-two angels in his magick to balance the seventy-two goetia demons in 'The Goetia of Dr Rudd, by Thomas Rudd'.
  • Goetia Demons can be summoned and used to kill people through Sigil Magick. Knowledge on how to summon goetic demons is in the 'Key of Solomon'.
  • P.A.D.T exists to combat summoned demons and prevent them from acting as supernatural assassins by invocating angels to stop them.

How to Join P.A.D and Combat Demonic ThreatsEdit

  1. Refer to the list of 72 Angels and choose which angel you would like to partner with.
  2. Memorize the invocatory verse of the chosen angel, this will be used to call upon said angel for assistance and guidance.
  3. Research the demon associated with the angel you have chosen in order to be able to recognize the presence of said demon.
  4. Look out for the presence of the demon associated with your angel.
  5. If you sense the presence of the demon associated with your angel recite the invocatory verse of your angel or repeat it over and over again as a chant/mantra to summon it to your aid.
  6. Your invoked angelic partner will provide you with a form of protection, which varies depending on the partner summoned. The form of protection provided is normally mentioned in the invocatory verse though not always.
  7. Using the protection granted to you by your angelic partner you may combat the demonic presence. The invocation should give you a percievable increase in spiritual energy, an increased feeling of power, which you then can use against the demonic presence through focus.
  8. You should feel when the demonic presence has been cast off by you and your partner angel. 

Table of People Interested in JoiningEdit

Username Angelic Partner Invocatory Verse Demonic Nemesis
Jetblackrlsh (talk) Mehriel But the eyes of the LORD are on those who fear him, on those whose hope is in his unfailing love Flauros