That Day

  • Darkcoal trained in the Astral Knight HQ today and became an Astral Knight.
  • Darkcoal is now equipped with energy weaponry from the energy armory in the Astral Knight HQ.
  • I traveled the astral plane for a bit and fought against and alongside a few energy beings that were able to tear portals into space.
  • I closed about four different portals and encountered a few malevolent astral beings while on the bus and while across town.
  • One of my friends from school told me that he has recently seen some demonic activity, so tonight Darkcoal and I will be investigating demonic activity across Rocket City in an astral patrol.
  • Darkcoal learned how to sense portals and helped closed the portals as he sensed them.

That Night

  • While on astral patrol I closed multiple portals and combatted multiple energetic entities.
  • When I had closed the portals in my immediate area another portal opened up and I attacked the entity leaving the portal without thinking, when I realized it was benevolent I used an energy construct to heal it.
  • The benevolent entity claimed that if we continue to close the portals that the malevolent entities are entering through, more benevolent entities will arrive to help assist in the protection of the physical plane.